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BLUE (Jarman) - Film Salzburg Festival

Salzburg Festival BLUE (Jarman) - Film

Ouverture Spirituelle · Lux Aeterna



Derek Jarman - Blue
(1993, high definition, colour and sound, 79’; German version featuring the voices of Ulrich Matthes, Sylvester Groth, Wolfgang Condrus and Eva Mattes)

The Film BLUE takes place in Kollegienkirche.


Picture: Chris Christodoulou/Photowerk SF

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Blue is a film by the British artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman which features a single static shot of the colour blue with a voiceover and musical soundtrack. The voiceover, written by Jarman, consists of a diaristic and poetic text documenting his AIDS-related illness and impending death at a time when he had become partially blind, his vision often interrupted by blue light. The film is Jarman’s last feature and was completed only a few months before he died.

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