Valery Tscheplanowa - Jedermann

Salzburg Summer Festival - Valery Tscheplanowa

Valery Tscheplanowa came to Germany as a child and grew up in Kiel and Lübeck. She began her dance studies in Dresden at the age of 17 and completed her acting education in 2005 in Berlin. Valery Tscheplanova was known to the general public through the television role of Gina Lombard in the TV series Doctor Martin

Valery Tscheplanowa - Salzburg Summer Festival

2018 was her debut at the Salzburg Festival in the play "The Persians".

In 2019, Valery Tscheplanowa performs as the paramour in the drama Jedermann

The performance Jedermann takes place at the cathedral square.


Picture: Just Loomis